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Foreign Withholding Tax Reclaim Specialists


After more than 40 years of excellence, at the forefront of accounting and tax services, we identified specialised financial services needed by global investors to recover foreign taxes.

Global Tax Recovery was born out of the need to save others the wasted time and frustration that we experienced when dealing with foreign governmental authorities. Red tape, language barriers and excessively complicated administrative procedures are just a few of the many challenges one faces when pursuing governmental relief.

As global withholding tax specialists, Global Tax Recovery will manage the process of recovering your foreign withholding tax from beginning to end. We will ensure that the maximum recovery is reclaimed in the shortest possible time.


An obsession with customer service and satisfaction as well as an authentic commitment to making this process hassle free, seamless and cost efficient for our clients


Speed Of Recovery

Based on data that we have received from our clients who previously used an alternative service provider, we can confirm that is most cases GTR takes half the time to recover



GTR is so confident in our cost effectiveness that we guarantee that we will bring down the Total Cost of Recovery by at least 20%    


Customer Experience

We pride ourselves to be the best in our class of service. GTR Management are pedantic in keeping the client’s involvement to an absolute minimum 



Certified Acceptance Agents for the IRS

GTR is an authorised Certifying Acceptance Agent and acts under a written agreement with the IRS to assist individuals and other foreign persons.

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Unparalleled Transparency

GTR’s reporting, both in terms of the cost and timing of recoveries, is an exceptionally detailed. This allows clients to simply and easily reconcile the recoveries received with costs incurred.


Cutting-Edge Technology

GTR has developed the industry leading Fintech and proprietary withholding tax recovery recovery software used to facilitate the solicitation, collection, processing and storage of hundreds thousands of withholding tax claims.


Complementary Data Analytics & Review

GTR provides complimentary data analytics to ensure optimal recovery efficiency. Where an alternative service provider was in place, GTR will perform a comprehensive review and reconciliation, ensuring that all historic dividends were both identified and recovered.


Customised Management Reporting

Management reports can be customised according to the particular requirements of our clients.


No Minimum Values/Thresholds

GTR does not impose a minimum value when recovering claims on behalf of our clients. Our only consideration is that the recovery exceeds the cost of the recovery.

How the Reclaim Process Works

Client engages with Global Tax Recovery

Client or Broker provides beneficial owner data

Global Tax Recovery provides clients with a refund estimation report quantifying the recoverable opportunity

A dedicated customer relationship manager is allocated and a client account is created and added to Global Tax Recovery's proprietary online client portal

Global Tax Recovery collects all the relevant supporting documentation required for submission

Reclaim form is procured, completed and submitted to the tax office

Client can track progress of claim at their at their convienience, in real time, via online client portal

Refund is received, reconciled and paid to each specific beneficial owner

DiviBack™ was created by Global Tax Recovery to facilitate the solicitation, collection, processing and storage associated with the reclamation of foreign withholding tax.

DiviBack™ securely solicits, collects, processes, shares and stores confidential tax documentation connecting the various participants in the reclamation process.

Where appropriate, DiviBack™ eliminates the need to send paper from point A to point B and allows the easy sharing and reuse of tax documentation in its secure electronic environment.

Our FinTech has been specifically designed for secure online and offline use. Our virtual and physical security options are designed to securely back up and store information, whether to the cloud or with Global Tax Recovery’s physically secured hardware.

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