DiviBack™ was created by Global Tax Recovery to facilitate the solicitation, collection, processing and storage associated with the reclamation of foreign withholding tax.

DiviBack™ securely solicits, collects, processes, shares and stores confidential tax documentation, connecting the various participants in the reclamation process.

Where appropriate, DiviBack™ eliminates the need to send paper from point A to point B and allows the easy sharing and reuse of tax documentation in its secure electronic environment.

Our FinTech has been specifically designed for secure online and offline use. Our virtual and physical security options are designed to securely back up and store information, whether to the cloud or with Global Tax Recovery’s physically secured hardware.

Online Client Portal

Portal Training & User Manual

Besides training sessions provided by Global Tax Recovery to all clients, clients are given user manuals for the online portal which provide step-by-step instructions on how to use and navigate the portal in addition to showcasing its functionality. The portal is easily navigated and simple to use.

Portal Login

Upon successfully registering on the portal, the client will enter their email address and password on the login page. A one-time pin will be sent to the client on their mobile phone to access the portal.

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Home Screen

Upon successfully logging into the portal the client will arrive on the home page. The home page contains two charts which provide a general overview and summary of claims by both jurisdiction and claim status. For additional information relating to any aspect of the charts, the client simply clicks on the desired area for further detail.

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Real-Time Reporting & Claim Status Updates

Once a client has been refunded, the client can hover the mouse over the information icon next to the claim status on the right-hand side of the screen to see the full breakdown and reconciliation of the refund with its associated deductions. The data provided is thoroughly detailed, enabling unprecedented transparency and reconcilability, both in terms of the cost and timing of recovery.

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