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Which Dividends are exempt from tax withholding?

If specific requirements are completed, there are some dividends that are exempt from tax withholding. But first, let’s step back and define dividends tax and explain how it’s computed. Dividend withholding tax is applied at a specified rate to dividend distributions in the country in which the issuing organisation is domiciled. The corporation issuing the […]

Cross-border dividend tax reclaim: multi-national companies

It can be challenging for multinational corporations to manage cross-border dividend tax reclaims. These businesses generally have entities and sections in a variety of countries. This implies that they must adhere to the tax laws of different jurisdictions. Furthermore, keeping meticulous records and managing the recovery procedure for multiple divisions and subsidiaries can be a […]

Common mistakes to avoid when recovering FDWT

Recovering foreign dividend withholding tax (FDWT) can be challenging, but it is essential for maximizing returns on foreign investments. The best way to ensure your successful recovery is by working with a professional specialized in   FDWT recovery. This blog post will explore the effects of using a professional to assist with the FDWT reclaim process […]

Global Tax Recovery is ISO Certified

In November 2019: Global Tax Recovery worked hard to obtain our ISO27001 certificate. GTR is ISO certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and operates an Information Security Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO:IEC 27001. GTR has passed many of the most demanding international data and security compliance standards and is ISO27001, POPIA […]

U.S Pension Funds

Withheld Tax: US Pension funds The dividends earned on investments in foreign stocks are frequently taxed at a higher rate. These rates vary by country. An investor may qualify for a partial return of this withheld tax depending on their country of residency. However, there are some investors that are completely tax-exempt. An example of […]

Dividend Withholding Tax

If you are searching for more information regarding dividend tax withholding, you have come to the right place. We hope we have addressed any questions or concerns you might have. Global Tax Recovery is here to help regardless of the complexity of the withholding tax recovery process. Does every nation apply a withholding tax to […]

French dividend withholding tax

How to Reclaim French Dividend Withholding Tax Introduction The French tax authorities (FTA) released an update on August 12, 2020. The update states that non-EU collective investment funds (CIFs) must adhere to specific requirements to qualify for withholding tax exemptions on dividends from a French source. Foreign investors looking to enhance their French-sourced dividend income […]

Separately Managed Accounts Explained

At the beginning of your investment journey, you might start investing with a combination of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and other investments when you develop your investment portfolio. But if your funds expand, you might want a strategy more tailored to your personal investment needs. With a separately managed account (SMA), you have more […]

Foreign Dividend Withholding Tax

What is Foreign Dividend Withholding Tax? Foreign dividend withholding tax (WHT) is a tax withheld from dividends paid to shareholders of companies. The law of the country where the company is domiciled determines the amount of the foreign withholding tax. It can vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another. Foreign tax authorities charge withholding tax […]

CITs Tax Exempt or Not

Collective Investment Trusts: Tax Exempt or Not? There are investment funds specifically created for qualified retirement plans. These are called collective investment trusts (CITs) and they are investment funds that are operated by banks and trust organisations. CITs are gaining popularity as they are simpler to use and are an important instrument in creating a […]

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