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Foreign Dividend Withholding Tax

What is Foreign Dividend Withholding Tax? Foreign dividend withholding tax (WHT) is a tax that is withheld from dividends paid to shareholders of companies. The amount of the foreign withholding tax is determined by the country’s laws where the company is domiciled. It can vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another. Foreign tax authorities charge […]

CITs Tax Exempt or Not

Collective Investment Trusts: Tax Exempt or Not? There are investment funds specifically created for qualified retirement plans. These are called collective investment trusts (CITs) and they are investment funds that are operated by banks and trust organisations. These vehicles are gaining popularity as they are increasingly becoming simpler to use and are an important instrument in creating a line-up […]

Many Insurance Companies are Taxed Twice. Here’s why

For investment funds, reclaiming international withholding tax is a necessity as many of these funds are subject to double taxation. However, many insurance funds do not recover withholding tax sufficiently. Let’s discuss why. Investment funds have been successfully recovering tax on dividends and interest since the “Fokus bank” case almost two decades ago. Besides the […]

Reclaim Withholding Tax Successfully

Withholding Tax (WHT) will significantly impact the returns of your foreign investment portfolio. How can you ensure you get the most back from your cross-border investments? That’s easy – make certain you reclaim withholding tax back from your foreign investment dividends. Withholding tax can be reclaimed in three ways: Following the stipulations of Double Tax […]

Withholding tax: Obstacles and Trends in 2022

Withholding tax (WHT) directly affects a shareholder’s return on investment. Accordingly certain changes in tax legislation will play a crucial role in wealth management decision making. Learn more about trends in foreign investment taxation and recovery, as well as the most common obstacles encountered. Why is withholding tax (WHT) important in wealth management? The relative […]